Walsim Simmentalers came into existence on the 22nd of February 2002 when we were officially registered with the Simmentaler/Simbra Breeders Society of Southern Africa.

We initially bought female animals from the Iris Stud of Hendrik and Waldi Hamman and from Stephan Voigts of the Voigtland Stud. Subsequently female animals from various studs have been purchased.

The first sire that made a drastic impact on the herd was Voigtland Fritz GV98 233 bought from Stephan Voigts. Since then we have invested in high quality bulls like Latco Gold II and Erico Napoleon.

The Walsim Stud focuses on the following goals:
  Enjoy every minute spent in the trade
  Produce animals that make a positive contribution to the industry
  Actively participate and contribute as far as possible

With the above in mind we do the following:
  Performance testing on all animals as thoroughly possible.
                 Our stud achieved a 3.5 star rating for completeness of performance testing in 2013. We participate in scanning and we weigh and measure regularly.
                 We believe in the power and use the information generated through performance testing.
                 We select and breed our animals primarily with their performance in mind.
  Active participation in all activities of the Society in Namibia and South Africa.
                 We do this by serving on council, serving on the Simmentaler judging panel and participating and contributing with regards to all relevant activities to the best of
                                 our abilities.
  We show.
                 The importance of shows cannot be overemphasized and forms a cardinal part in achieving all our objectives.



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